Beige travertine (strips) - sanded

These tiles have a fixed width of 30 or 40cm and a variable length betw'een 40-90cm on average and are 2cm thick.

We offer this product at a very competitive price, made possible by direct purchase from quarries abroad and because this is a remaining stock.
This remaining stock is only for sale as a whole lot and cannot be returned.

92,11 /m² incl. VAT
76,12 /m² excl. VAT
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This beige travertine - natural stone - is specially selected by colour and has a unique sandblasted finish. This gives it a matt, uneven, authentic but sleek-modern look. The tiles have not been stopped and may contain exceptionally larger holes/gaps, please take this into account when estimating the cutting loss. Travertine, is a special limestone with characteristic holes created by dead plants. Branches, leaves and other material are digested in lime-rich warm water, causing characteristic irregular pores of this material.


Sanded grey travertine (natural stone) top view
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87,51 /m² incl. VAT
72,32 /m² excl. VAT
21% VAT