Order and general terms and conditions of sale

Order conditions

All order forms are prepared in accordance with the general sales conditions. The prices on the webshop are inclusive of VAT and without packaging. The delivery date is determined to the best of our ability, but is not binding if, due to force majeure and or your payment arrears, the goods cannot be delivered on time. Indemnification against all damages resulting from this shall apply.


Packaging of tiles

Pallets and/or crates are charged according to tariff conditions at 45 euro/piece excluding VAT. Goods ordered in excess or incorrectly will not be taken back. Made-to-measure products are packed to enable transport without damage. This packing cost, with a minimum of 30 euros, will be charged for this and is non-refundable.


All places where a delivery is to be made must be sufficiently accessible with a 16m truck with trailer. Unloading of goods will only be done from the paved road. All other additional delivery expectations, if possible, will be charged at additional rate. Orders for non-stock goods cannot be changed or cancelled from 1 week after ordering. Please do not make any changes to the order form. Otherwise it may be rejected without informing you. Confirmed orders will be deemed accepted and binding without counter notification within 5 working days. In case of order cancellation, 40% of the sale value will be taken and in case of non-stock goods and customisation 100% as compensation with a minimum of EUR 370.

General terms and conditions of sale

  1. Goods are transported at the purchaser's risk and peril, even in the case of carriage paid.
  2. On collection, the inspection of the goods before loading shall be done by the buyer and on delivery the inspection shall be done at the latest upon unloading, after which no complaints can be accepted.
  3. All other complaints, for example complaints about invoices, must be made within 8 days of the invoice date and will no longer be accepted after this period.
  4. Every sale is concluded subject to good references. At all times, during the course of the agreement, we are entitled to request and obtain sufficient proof of guarantee for the proper execution of the sale.
  5. All natural stone, ceramic tiles and parquet are always sold with their intrinsic natural characteristics. The customer is informed that natural stone may always contain natural organic impurities, cavities or other elements or substances that, in combination with other substances, can cause a reaction (oxidation, dissolution,...), even if all precautionary measures are observed. Both natural stone and ceramic tiles vary in colour and texture depending on the batch due to quarrying/ production and or deforestation and or kiln fate. Samples give an approximate picture and are never binding on the guarantee to deliver an idem similar material. We can never be held liable for changes in appearance or texture due to the intrinsic characteristics of these products. It is therefore recommended to always mix all goods from crates, pallets and, if in boxes, even several boxes together, so as to mix the nuances of the different shades as well as possible.
  6. All our invoices are payable in cash, unless otherwise agreed in writing. The sending of the invoice serves as a reminder to pay on the due date. Any delay in payment shall, ipso jure and without prior formal notice, give rise to interest at a rate of 1 per cent per month started.
  7. Neither our agents nor representatives are authorised to receive payments and the sums paid to these persons do not count as payment vis-à-vis the seller.
  8. All collection costs, including judicial or extrajudicial reminders, shall be borne by the buyer in accordance with the latest EU legislation.
  9. Default of payment on the due date gives us the right, without formal notice or other legal forms, to suspend all unexecuted orders or agreements, even with prior notice of default. The selling party reserves the right to ownership of the buyer's goods, even after delivery, until full payment of the invoice. In case of further processing, our right of ownership shall pass to the new object up to the amount of the value of the goods processed in it and delivered by us.
  10. Any established defect in our deliveries cannot extend beyond replacing the delivered unused materials. The pieces to be replaced remain our property.
  11. A depreciation of 25% will be applied to cover the costs and damage caused for the materials to be taken back in good condition subject to our agreement.
  12. In the event of non-payment on the due date as a result of negligence or bad will, the amount of the unpaid invoices will be increased by right by 15% with a minimum of 100 euro by way of conventional penalty clause and without prior notice of default being required.
  13. The buyer is deemed to be familiar with our terms and conditions of sale and by the very fact of the sale is assumed to have accepted them as an integral part of the agreements.
  14. Any dispute relating to the conclusion, validity, interpretation or execution of these terms and conditions, as well as any other dispute concerning or related to this agreement, shall fall within the exclusive jurisdiction of the courts of the district of Limburg, HASSELT Division.
  15. It is expressly agreed between the Client (the Buyer) and CSB (the Seller) that the liability on the material supplied by CSB BVBA is limited to all proven defects on its products, more specifically hidden defects, for a maximum period of 24 months from the date of delivery. After the goods have been delivered for more than 24 months, no complaints of any kind shall be subject to discussion and the sales relationship between the buyer and seller shall be definitively and irrevocably over as far as this delivery is concerned. Proof of damage, within 24 months, to a delivered product, due to a hidden defect, the maximum compensation that the buyer will receive from the seller is the replacement of the material and/or its equivalent value. No other additional compensation and/or consequential damage caused by this defective delivery shall be eligible for compensation.
  16. All pieces made by us (custom-made pieces) are charged per m², lm and/or m³ and do not include any edge and/or surface finishes. These finishes are charged in surcharge.
  17. For all other additional sales conditions, see our basic rate. These conditions are known by the trader at all times.
  18. Belgian law shall apply.