Kandla grey - naturally unpolished

In this version, the Kandla grey has a cracked surface, meaning that unevenness and texture are present. The edges are chopped. This tile can be placed indoors and outdoors but is more suitable for outdoor use due to the finish.

Please note that your order is always processed in square metres, not in number of pieces. As the number of pieces per square metre depends on the selected joint width, the number below is only indicative.

23,82 /m² incl. VAT
19,69 /m² excl. VAT
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Kandla cobblestones, native to the Kandla region in India, are lauded for their natural charm and durability. When given a natural rough finish, these platins take on a rugged and bolder look, adding an earthy elegance to any setting. Their irregular shapes and varying sizes make them versatile and suitable for both modern and traditional designs. Kandla cobblestones even keep their grip in wet weather, making them ideal for driveways, paths and terraces. Their longevity and minimal environmental impact further underline their appeal as a sustainable choice.