Kandla grey - naturally unpolished & tumbled

The distinguishing features of this remarkably strong and durable sandstone from India are its natural rough surface and conically cleaved edges.

Please note that your order is always processed in square metres, not in number of pieces. As the number of pieces per square metre depends on the selected joint width, the number below is only indicative.

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Hailing from the Kandla region in India, Kandla cobblestones are renowned for their innate allure and enduring strength. With a rustic, natural rough finish, these cobblestones assume a more robust and striking appearance, imparting an earthy sophistication to any environment. Their unique, irregular shapes and diverse sizes render them adaptable, fitting seamlessly into both contemporary and traditional design schemes. Even in wet conditions, Kandla cobblestones maintain their traction, making them a perfect choice for driveways, walkways, and patios. Their extended lifespan and minimal ecological footprint further emphasize their standing as an environmentally conscious and sustainable option.