Vietnamese bluestone - tumbled

This Vietnamese bluestone can be used both indoors and outdoors.

It is less dark and more even in colour than the Chinese bluestone and therefore leans more towards the Belgian bluestone.

The tumbled tiles have a sawn surface and broken edges, giving them a rustic look. They are available in many sizes and thicknesses.

47,59 /m² incl. VAT
39,33 /m² excl. VAT
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Experience the rustic charm of Vietnamese Bluestone in a tumbled finish, effortlessly connecting indoor and outdoor spaces. The tumbled tiles exhibit a distinctive rustic allure with their sawn surface and broken edges, evoking a timeless beauty that suits diverse design aesthetics. This bluestone carries a softer, more even coloration than its Chinese counterpart, resonating closely with classic Belgian bluestone elegance. Dive into Oriental bluestone, a budget-friendly Belgian bluestone alternative. Amid this selection, the Chinese and Vietnamese bluestones stand out, with the Vietnamese variant mirroring the calming gray hues of Belgian bluestone. Both options offer versatile finishes, ideal for indoor and outdoor settings.


Decoupling mat Durabase CI++
368,29 /roll incl. VAT
304,37 /roll excl. VAT
21% VAT

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