Chinese bluestone - tumbled/hand cut

This Chinese bluestone can be placed both indoors and outdoors. It is ideally suited for laying out your patio or driveway but fits equally well in your interior.

The edges of the tiles are tumbled/ hand cut which gives a slightly aged look to the tiles.

60,54 /m² incl. VAT
50,03 /m² excl. VAT
Directly available
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The edges of these tiles have been meticulously tumbled and hand-cut, adding a touch of graceful aging to the stone. This unique finish imparts a sense of history and character, transforming any area into a charming haven of nostalgia. Delve into the world of Oriental bluestone, a captivating alternative to the iconic Belgian bluestone. Within this category, two distinct personalities emerge: the Chinese and Vietnamese bluestones. While the Vietnamese variant boasts a serene and even grey hue, the Chinese counterpart takes on a striking blackish and mottled appearance, evoking a sense of depth and intrigue. Both options embrace various finishes, seamlessly adapting to both interior and exterior designs.


Decoupling mat Durabase CI++
368,29 /roll incl. VAT
304,37 /roll excl. VAT
21% VAT


Tumbled vietnamese bluestone (natural stone) top view
Upward of
23,53 /m² incl. VAT
19,45 /m² excl. VAT
21% VAT

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